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The big GCSE results day question: Earn? Learn? Why not do both?

GCSE results day is upon us which means that across the country, hundreds of thousands of 15 and 16-year-olds will be opening those big white envelopes to see how they’ve fared in their exams.

Whether the results are met with jubilation or disappointment, one thing is consistent for all – a big choice now lies ahead: stay on in education and learn, or find full-time work and earn? This decision is a tough one as it usually means sacrificing one for the other.

There is, however, a third option – apprenticeships. Bridging the gap between earning and learning, these schemes allow you to do both by combining practical, educational training with full-time work. And, they can often act as a gateway to more, offering real career prospects without the incurrence of £9,000 a year university tuition fees.

At Sim Trava, we’ve been running our own bespoke apprenticeship scheme over the past eight years and we’ve seen, first hand, what these programmes can mean, and lead to, for young people.

Providing hope for those who may be leaving school disappointed with exam results, apprenticeship schemes help restore self-confidence and provide opportunities for success. We’ve seen how they’ve have helped those riddled with self-doubt grow in confidence and excel professionally – with some of those who started out as apprentices progressing to managerial and even further senior positions in a short space of time.

Our apprenticeship scheme offers a competitive wage, a fair holiday allowance as well as other perks. We ensure our apprentices also receive something lasting that will help guide them throughout their career with us – that is, upon completion of the 12 month programme, apprentices receive an NVQ qualification in customer service.

It’s important to realise that there are alternatives paths to success from the traditional a-level then university route, which doesn’t always suit everyone. It’s still very possible to lead a rewarding and successful career without staying on in further education and today is an important day for young people to realise that.

Apprenticeships show that success is not determined or defined by the nine or ten letters you find in that envelope today. Success is instead about how hard you work and what you make of the opportunities you’re given.

So regardless of what grades you obtain, you still have choices and options – it’s just about making the right one for you.

If you’re a school leaver living in the North West or North East of England, and interested in an apprenticeship with Sim Trava, you can apply online here: https://simtrava.co.uk/apprentice/Apprenticeship infographic

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