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Our top tips on securing Christmas temp work


With the noticeable chill in the air, the shorter days and darker mornings, it can mean only one thing… Christmas is nearly here!

Okay, not quite – we haven’t even got Halloween over us just yet, but as we enter the closing weeks of October, and enter the penultimate month of the year, this is when companies begin recruiting for seasonal temps.

So, if you’re still in school and wanting to build up some experience of the working world, get your foot in the door of a particular company, or you’re just in need of some extra cash before Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about applying for some seasonal temp roles.

And to help you get started, we’ve drawn up our top tips to help you secure a Christmas temp role.

There’s no time to waste – start your search now

The Christmas temp jobs market offers a lot of opportunities, but it also is inundated with applications. There are plenty of candidates all after the same temporary contracts so begin your search as early as you can. Retail is probably your best bet – whether that’s a toy store, clothes shop, or your local Costa Coffee – most, if not all, retail outlets are in need of extra pairs of hands throughout the festive period.

In the absence of experience, show your personality

Though experience is important, it isn’t the be all and end all. Employers are usually open to hiring young people with little/no retail experience for the festive period. So, in the absence of experience, it’s important that you put forward your personality – show the employer what you’re all about. Enthusiasm, confidence and commitment are attractive traits in applicants, even if it is only a short-term, temporary position that you’re applying for.

Be flexible but don’t oversell yourself

We all know that retail at Christmas is hectic, and stores have to operate longer trading hours to accommodate the massive influx of customers. With this in mind, employers are looking for the most flexible candidates with the greatest availability. While it’s great to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, it’s equally important that you avoid overselling yourself. Honesty is always the best policy. There’s nothing more frustrating for an employer than to hire a temp on the premise they’re fully-flexible, only to find out they’re actually not and have instead oversold themselves.

Always be professional and treat this like a permanent job

For many, this is the first opportunity to enter the working world and so this is your chance to show an employer what you’re made of. Even though it is only a seasonal, temporary job there is always the chance that this could become permanent – this is something we stress across our Costa Coffee stores each year. So do your best, work hard, provide a good customer service and show that you really care about the job at hand.

At Sim Trava, we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our teams. If you’re enthusiastic, ambitious and a team player, then we’d love to hear from you.

For more information on our latest jobs, including our upcoming Christmas temporary roles, please visit: https://simtrava.co.uk/latest-positions/


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