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Wrapping up National Apprenticeship Week 2017

To wrap up this year’s hugely successful and inspiring National Apprenticeship Week at Sim Trava, we dropped into our Nantwich store to catch-up with one of our apprentices, Joshua Freeman, aged 19, who began his journey last September to see how he’s getting on.


Before you joined Sim Trava as an apprentice last year, what were you doing? How did you end up on a Sim Trava apprenticeship?

I was working nightshifts at a local supermarket and dreaded going into work everyday– I knew I wanted something more but just wasn’t sure what ‘more’ was. Naturally enough then, I was on the lookout for full-time employment when I came across a Sim Trava advert on a jobs website – it was an enticing offer.


I attended one of the selection days hosted by Sim Trava director Tracy and academy manager Brad, which was more of a fun day out to be honest. We did a range of fun activities to break the ice and show our true selves, including sitting back-to-back with someone and taking it in turns to describe something while the other person tries to draw it. I really enjoyed myself.


How has your first six months been?

As an apprentice, I’m not treated any differently to the other baristas who work alongside me in Nantwich. I’m given the opportunity to serve customers, keep the store looking clean and presentable, and, of course, complete my Costa Skills book to ensure I’m meeting key competencies. Brad comes to see how we’re doing each month and to review our progress (and to make sure we’re doing our coursework!).


I really enjoy working at Sim Trava and love the social aspect of it. Whenever I’m out in town, I bump into all the people I serve who I didn’t know before and confidently chat with them all.


Where next for you?

In September, I’ll have completed my one-year apprenticeship and will become fully-qualified. Then it’s time to begin working on the Sim Trava five-year plan – everyone receives one and it’s designed to help push us to reach our potential.


My ambition is to stay with Sim Trava and see how far I can go with the company. Maybe I’ll apply for Costa Coffee’s annual Barista of the Year competition at some point too!


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of an apprenticeship?

If you see the opportunity, I say go for it – it’s a foot in the door in a fast-paced retail / hospitality environment and it will definitely push you in the right direction toward a fulfilling and successful career. Everyone is really friendly and supportive – I love it at Sim Trava.

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