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Sim Trava descends on The London Coffee Festival

Last week, along with three of Sim Trava’s directors, we invited four of our colleagues to attend one of the biggest events in the coffee calendar, The London Coffee Festival, as a reward for their exemplary work. And what an experience it was.

Held at the Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane, more than 30,000 coffee lovers and industry professionals flooded the event.

With the sensational aroma of coffee beans wafting through the air, the place was packed out with stalls and stands with plenty to see and do.

From witnessing the astounding skill-set shown by the best latte artists in the industry, to watching the fast-paced, multi-disciplinary global barista tournament – Coffee Master – we were all excited to be in the company of the best people the coffee world has to offer.

The event was an eye-opener to say the least, and we’re sure that our employees Julie, Josh, George and Dan will agree.

It was a great experience for the Sim Trava team and we were all left amazed by the pure range of stalls, skills and talented people that we were fortunate enough to meet.

Not to mention the large amount of caffeine consumption between us all.

The wealth of knowledge at the event and the passion for the art of coffee making was immeasurable and it filled us with pride, knowing that we were part of such a creative community.

So, if you love coffee, we couldn’t recommend a better place to go.

Recognition for good work is an essential part of a successful business and it is a value Sim Trava puts a lot of weight behind. We’re a firm believer in letting our employees know their hard work is valued and like to see their job satisfaction rise as a result.

We strongly believe that employee appreciation is that has allowed us as a business to build the family feel we take so much pride in and we can’t wait to see how experiencing the coffee festival impacts their work in the future.

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