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Sim Trava Gender Pay Gap 2018

At Sim Trava Ltd it has always been one of our primary objectives to grow, nurture and develop all colleagues across the business. As part of the new legislation, in conjunction with the Equality Act 2010, from April 2017 all businesses with over 250 employees are required to evaluate and report on specific criteria relating to the Gender Pay Gap.

As required by regulations our Gender Pay is calculated using the approaches outlined, which will compare the pay of females and males across the business.

When evaluating our data we are proud to show that there is a 0% median pay gap between men and women, and a 5.36% mean pay gap. As a business we have more women than men across all quartiles, with more men achieving bonus than women.

We recognise that we can do more, including bringing more women up to the upper quartile so that they are eligible for bonus in order to reduce the Bonus Pay Gap.

Sim Trava Ltd is proud to take responsibility for ensuring that we do our utmost to allow all colleagues to achieve their maximum potential, regardless of their gender.

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Gender Pay Gap 2018

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