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Our History

Our story began in 2004, when our co-founder, Simon Vardy, found himself struggling to find a shop to get a good cup of coffee in the South Manchester market-town of Altrincham.

Upon his return home he began researching the coffee market and found that Whitbread – the UK’s largest hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator – was opening up Costa Coffee opportunities to franchise partners.

Following several interviews with Costa and the banks, we were given the green light to begin building the Sim Trava business. And the rest was history.

From our lovely terraced house in Altrincham, the company was formed. We continued to operate from our basement for five years until we moved into our office in 2010.

Our first big milestones came when we opened our first Costa store in Northwich in October 2005. We now class this as the official birthday for Sim Trava.

Now we are looking to the future and focusing on growing our team further, while staying true to our core values, and family business attitude.

As well as looking after all our lovely colleagues in Sim Trava, we also love spending time with our lovely daughter Tilly Rose, and our Sim Trava guard dog Wilf.